10mm Red Tiger Eye Beaded Necklace for Men/Women - Magnetic Clasp Necklace

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  • Red Tiger Eye African Tribal Necklace for Men/Women.
  • 💥Incredible Energy: In a world of negativity this red tiger crystal necklace will be your shield. Wearing this necklace will make you stand out in a crowd whether you like it or not. This is more than a African bead necklace it is a talisman. It will transform your life for the better.
  • 🔥 Red Tiger Eye: Targeting the root chakra this stone allows us to be fully present in the real world. Giving us the push to get up and get done what needs to be done. Also red tiger eye helps during meditation because it helps us close the gap between the physical and the spiritual making them great for yoga, reiki, meditation and all around grounding. Depression is not a word in our vocabulary while wearing tiger eye mala beads.
  • 🏋 Increased Muscle Strength
  • ⛑️ Immune System Support