Beaded Necklace for Men - Black Onyx - Tigers Eye

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  • 💥 Incredible Energy: This is a powerful talisman. It is not just a necklace. This piece will grant you the ability to transform your life for the better. Over time the energies from these stones will merge with your auric field allowing you access to them even when you are not wearing the amulet. Get ready to access your true potential.
  • 📏 Size: The interior of this necklace is 22 inches making it comfortable and not to heavy on the neck even though the stones are large.
  • 🐯 Tiger Eye (a.k.a golden tiger eye) is a fantastic meditation or yoga crystal. It targets the third chakra. Happiness with our place in the universe and the ability to know the future will take care of its self comes from prolonged contact with this stone. Eastern culture believe the stone brings wealth making them popular Chinese beads. Depression is not a word in our vocabulary while wearing tiger eye Buddha beads. 🧠 Clarity in decisions 🙏 Spiritual Balance 🧘‍♂️ Health, wellness anti-anxiety
  • Benefits of Onyx: While most black stones absorb negativity, onyx actually deflects negative thoughts and intentions aimed at the wearer. Making Onyx the superior protection stone. At the same time protecting the wearers physical body it lends its support and encouragement to the mental and spiritual bodies. This gives us an amazing amounts of willpower and control over our circumstances. Deflects Negative Energy Self-control Sense of well being