Red Yellow Tiger Eye Bead Necklace

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This red yellow tiger eye bead necklace is a truly powerful piece. The combination of these two stones allows the wearer to be supremely confident in their self while providing ambition and motivation to get to your destination.

💥 Incredible Energy: You can feel this necklace when you put it on. A gentle but noticeable vibration is emitted from this combination of stones. A sense of knowing that you are a safe and all is well.

💪 Large Powerful Stones: We use 14mm yellow tiger eye for confidence. 10mm red tiger eye for its ambitious motivating energy.

📏 Size: The interior of this necklace is 20 inches making it comfortable and not to heavy on the neck even though the stones are large.

🔥 Benefits of Red TIger Eye: Targeting the blood stream and the bones red tiger eye increases our life force energy allowing us to move through life as a high functioning being.

🐯 Benefits of Yellow Tiger Eye: Success, motivation, and ambition. Also tiger eye is a very good anti depressant. Keeping your head up while you walk through life.