Cosmic Ormus Monoatomic Gold - Enhance Meditation - Lucid Dreams - Pineal Gland Decalcification - Anti-Aging - Mental Clarity - Higher Conciousness

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🧠Mental Health: Monoatomic gold ormus minerals have been known to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain allowing a person to think more clearly as well as access gifts and talents they did not know they had. This elixir provides an incredible amount clarity in my life since taking monotomic orme formula. Self realization and Self actualization seem to come naturally to me now. Along with increased focus, concentration and memory

✨ Meditation Booster I have been a Hardcore meditator (bit of an oxymoron? LOL) for the past 10 years and have used various herbs and supplements to increase the effectiveness of my meditation as well as reach different states of consciousness. Mon-atomic gold is the best solution for reaching altered states of consciousness. As far as lucid dreaming and astral travel goes, you won't find a better vitamin

🏅 Monotomic Colloidal Gold Mineral Supplements are an incredible substance. It actually exists in more than one space in time. What this does is it enables our own mind, body and spiritual complex; to sort of slip out of the dense stability of every day life. Allowing our minds to float into sacred planes of thought

💎 Ormus is natures healing gift meaning there are not only monotomic gold liquid gold atoms but also other monotomic elements like colloidal platinum, colloidal rhodium, coloidal palladium, colloidal iridium, colloidal indium, colloidal silver, colloidal copper. ( The Ultimate Multivitamin). When these elements exist as a state that is not metal you will notice incredible changes to the body. This is the alchemy of the stars