Red Tiger Eye Bracelet

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  • 💥 Incredible Energy: You can feel this red bracelet when you put it on. The Red Tiger Eye stimulate the flow of life force energy ( Chi, Prana) Th Gemstones have a positive physical effect on the body as well as a mental and spiritual one. This red tigers eye bracelet is wonderful for boosting you energy.
  • 🔥 Red Tiger Eye: Targeting the root chakra this stone allows us to be fully present in the real world. The red iron in the root chakra stones reacts to the elements in your blood and bones. This root chakra bracelet not only lends energy but activates the dormant energies at rest in your body's systems.
  • 🏋 Strength - Red stones and crystals empower the body with strength and confidence. Red chakra jewelry should be a part of anyone life who has a physically demanding profession.
  • ğŸŒŽ Connection to the earth - wearing bead bracelets and stone bracelet tells the earth you are grateful for living here. Energy crystals and crystal jewelry are not just for looks. This is a healing crystal bracelet
  • ğŸŽ Great for Birthday, Holiday, or Going Away Gift - This beaded bracelet makes a great gift any time of the year